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After-sales & Repair

International Tools Service SA/NV replaces, exchanges or repairs your machines with the brands and its network of subcontractors specialized in machine repair.


A problem with your machine ? Consult our after-sales service team.

If your machine is still under warranty (register your machines online), do not hesitate to drop it off at International Tools Service SA/NV.

Our team will be happy to find the least expensive solution for you.

When you drop off your machine at ITS-Tools, it will be sent to our subcontractor specialized in machine repair (use of original parts only).

This one will communicate a repair estimate that you will be free to accept or refuse.

Please note that quotation fees may apply in case of refusal.

The commercial team of I.T.S. SA/NV will help you find the spare parts (brushes, handles, chucks, etc.) compatible with your machine.

Questions about after-sales service ?​

Our sales department will be happy to answer all of your questions.


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